George van den Broek is the 17-year-old kid from Haslemere behind the brilliant EP Harmless Melodies. At a very young age we can already say that Yellow Days is going to stay around for a long time. He can thank his first lost love story as his introduction to the world of music as the first song released deals with that subject specifically. Singing with a croony vibe similar to King Krule, he lays his lyrics about love and life experiences over atmospheric soft rock.

Discovered on Soundcloud where he would post demos of his songs on his profile, we can see that he has stayed true to those demos even in the EP in contrast to a number of other artists who usually polish the tracks too much that they lose that intimate feeling.

His very melancholic bluesy guitar follows his personal words and sentimental experiences along with old school synths and interesting rhythms. You can notice easily from his sound that he is influenced by Mac DeMarco and Tame Impala from which this surf rock/laid back rock wave is coming from. However he accompanies his more atmospheric sounds with his blues influences that remind us of early Ray Charles or Howlin’ Wolf. 

This EP is a river of emotions expressed by a young man who is taking you through the past three years of his life without leaving out anything bringing you down to his raw and pessimistic experiences. The song “A Little While” is a message to his first love and a statement about that person that he came to depend upon.  It truly captures the mood of his state while writing and recording that makes it real and tangible.
I suggest you go and listen to his EP wither on Spotify or on Soundcloud.