A recent Rolling Stone interview has left Jack White in hot water after making claims that his work and that of Amy Winehouse has been aped by some of their peers. He has apologised for his comments in an open letter.

The interview saw White make comments such as “I’ll hear TV commercials where the music’s ripping off sounds of mine, to the point I think it’s me. Half the time, it’s the Black Keys”. And, in relation to Adele, Duffy and Lana Del Rey, said: “Did [Amy Whinehouse] invent white soul? Wearing a beehive? No. But she did something brand new and fresh, altogether as a package, and you see who’s in her wake”. There was also criticism for White Stripes bandmate Meg White.

In the open letter, he apologised to all those mentioned, wishing The Black Keys success, and describing the slighted female artists as ‘wonderful performers with amazing voices’. He also reserved a special apology for Meg White:

“I would never publicly do that to someone I love so dearly. And, there are mountains of interviews where my words are very clear on how important I think she is to me and to music,” he said.


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