Jackson MacIntosh‘s resume pinpoints him near the epicenter of Montreal’s burgeoning pop and electronic music scenes. He’s finally ready to debut three years worth of solo tracks next month on Sinderlyn.

Jackson explains he was listening to Timelord by Momus a lot at the time when “Can It Be Love?” was written. “It influenced the sonic palette and lackadaisical vocal delivery. I was also feeling like a bit of a timelord myself. I’d just moved back to Montreal from LA and the lyrics bemoan traveling all the time when you’d rather be with someone you care about. A classic musician’s dilemma, a classic songwriting subject (see: most of Hejira by Joni Mitchell). You’re hoping you’ve fallen in love, but you’re not around to find out. If your phone still works, I’ll call you and we’ll talk about it.

You may also know Jackson as the bassist of indie pop outfit,TOPS. He recorded and engineered the last two albums for labelmate Homeshake at his now-defunct home Montreal studio and venue, Drones Club. He has collaborated with cherished LA weirdo Drugdealer as well as Montreal’s Bernardino Femminielli, all in addition to fronting the masterfully hooky power pop band Sheer Agony.

My Dark Side is as confessional as it is casual: a collection of songs that oozed out of necessity. Pre-order it here.

Listen to Can It Be Love below:

My Dark Side
March 2, 2018
1 – Can It Be Love?
2 – Lulu
3 – The Grass
4 – I Wish I Could Feel Like I Used To
5 – My Dark Side
6 – Peter Pan
7 – Pretty Clear
8 – Quotation
9 – Can’t Stop Holding
10 – When To Turn The Lights Back On
(Photo Credit –¬†Panos Georgiou)