In the latest of a string of Twitter ventings, X-Factor winner James Arthur has described his promotional team as ’embarrassing’.

Tweeting about previous tweets from his ‘HQ’ promoting new single ‘Get Down’, Arthur wrote:

“HQ please stop writing things like ‘we think you would #LOVE This and that’ or ‘everybody #GETDOWN and buy this..’ It’s embarrassing.”

He then said “Stick to promoting Paul Potts please. Thanks. #LOVE.” followed by an offer of the promotional job to “an actual fan”.

Paul Potts, a previous Britain’s Got Talent winner, responded in a somewhat more measured manner:

“[James] you’re a talented guy and your music is great. But you’re not an amateur anymore. Criticising your promotion team openly on here”, adding “Their wages come out of your budget and there will come a time when you need them more than they need you.”

This isn’t the first time Arthur has caused a stir – accusing other male reality TV winners of being ‘puppets’, saying he wasn’t ‘in love’ with single ‘You’re Nobody ’till Somebody Loves You’, and having to apologise for homophobic slurs in his lyrics.

And he looks likely to continue on his controversy laden path, offering fans the chance to win a competition by designing the artwork for his new hip-hop mixtape release. He wants the cover to include a picture of killer whale Tilikum (from acclaimed documentary ‘Blackfish’) ‘attacking a crowd of people’…


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