Reports claim that Kanye West has left the music streaming service because of money owed.

Reports from TMZ say sources close to Tidal have revealed Kanye claims they owe him $3 million. West’s lawyers apparently sent a letter to the company a month ago, stating that they were in breach of their contract and that it would be terminated. After two weeks no resolution was found.

It all started when Kanye’s ‘The Life of Pablo’ album was released, which bought 1.5 million new subscribers to Tidal- a massive increase in users which was supposed to see Kanye receive a bonus. Tidal is still yet to pay him this bonus. He is also apparently still owed some money for some music videos he released.

Tidal are claiming that Kanye is still under contract with them, and have reportedly threatened to sue if he signs to another music streaming company. Kanye responded by saying he would counter-sue.

The news comes following the release of Jay Z’s new album ‘4:44’, which features lyrics that are thought to be a diss on Kanye.

The two rappers friendship has gone downhill over the past few years. Earlier this year Kanye had meltdown on on stage and claimed Jay hadn’t called him since his wife, Kim Kardashian, was robbed in Paris. Kanye also said Jay-Z had the power to put a hit on him.