Born in Glasgow, Kevin McGuire may be Scotland’s answer to the Country music wave currently sweeping the UK. Beginning his career at the age of 17, Kevin quickly went on to perform in top venues including King Tuts, the o2 Academy, ABC and The Glasgow Royal Concert Hall.

Over the last few years, Kevin has managed to build up a following all over the UK from supporting artists ranging from the likes of Union J to Deacon Blue. 2017 in particular brought great success for Kevin, starting with the release of his ‘Foreign Country’ EP which shot straight to #2 on the iTunes Country Albums Chart. This led to a number of stellar performances at some of the UK’s premier country events, including a spot on the Nashville Meets London stage and also at a packed-out Under The Bridge for Nashville Nights (video here).

To kick off 2018 which promises to follow in a similar fashion, Kevin returns with a brand-new covers EP. The first release from the project is a rendition of one of his personal favourites, ‘The Sound’ by The 1975:

“I love Country music, I love Pop music. The song itself is just really infectious. As soon as I heard it I was instantly hooked (as I have been to most of The 1975’s records). I just started jamming to it in my room, and naturally my tone and the way I played it brought out a Country feel to it. I guess it’s how ‘Kevin McGuire’ would sing The 1975. 

Matt (Healy) has always been a big influence on me as a musician, front-man and songwriter. He talks about how genres these days are dying out, and that’s something I believe too, that artists shouldn’t feel restricted and confined to a particular style. I think, for me, that’s what makes this cover interesting. It is possible to take great songs, dress them up and sing them whatever way you like and a good song will always shine through”

Listen/Stream The Sound below: