Wakefield / Leeds quintet Mi Mye have dropped their new single ‘Ok So’, the first to be taken from their fifth studio record ‘The Mountain forces the Future, and the Force causes the Rain’, to be released on their new label Coble Records later this year on September 28th

Mi Mye is a lush collection of snapshots from the north coast of Scotland, where principal songwriter and lyricist Jamie Lockhart grew up, and Wakefield, the place he now calls home. For years a solo project with a revolving cast of musicians, Mi Mye has now settled on one permanent line up, with Jamie joined by Rob, Emily, Chad & Morgan (The Spills, Crake, Buen Chico) who now all contribute their unique influences and voices to this beautiful collaboration. Mi Mye make music which is often tragic but always hopeful, something which has earned them comparisons to bands like Sparklehorse and The National.

New single ‘Ok, So’  focuses on the thinking time between an intake of breath and the giving of advice. “Ok, so” is just the same as “ummm”, but adds gravity to the ensuing advice, which can change everything. 

Jamie muses on a conversation overheard, a tired professional on a Friday evening giving advice to someone on the phone – “ok so, the best thing you can do right now is leave” – and the possible extremes of the situation. It could be advice to a colleague whose email won’t send after a hard week of work – “go home and enjoy your weekend, we can sort this on Monday”. Or it could be a breakdown of a wonderful relationship that has gone wrong, and the advice is more “you have to change your life and the lives of your loved ones around you. It might break someone’s or lots of hearts” all within the time it takes to say “ok, so”.

This track is pretty chilled out, it’s deep, it’s meaningful, but it’s somehow reassuring to listen to also. It’s a perfect piece of quaint indie altpop and somehow feels so very, deeply personal. This song made me feel some things and I haven’t felt an emotion since 1999 god damn it. It’s a highly complex take on the human nature and recognises how behind each conversation, behind each and every word perhaps, we can mean so much more than we’re letting on. ‘Ok so’ feels a little Sufjan Stevens meets Alt-j in the weirdest and best way.

The accompanying video can be watched below, it’s pretty whimsical and a simple idea well executed. It’s a pleasure to watch and they’re totally rocking those cool space helmets. The drawings give the video a childlike feel, once again it’s reassuring in a manner that is hard to put into words.

Mi Mye will be heading out on tour later this year.

Watch the video for ‘Ok so’ below.