A few weeks ago the skateboard fashion giant, Supreme, dropped some new apparel inspired by the late, great Micheal Jackson. Everyone knew the collaboration would come but we were surprised it took this long.

For most people three things come to mind when they think of The King of Pop: his amazing dance moves, his incredible singing voice and his iconic style. The legend was setting trends in his music videos, performances and his appearances at awards shows.

When it came to pushing boundaries in fashion, Michael was ahead of his time and he influenced many other artists in the industry. Even the biggest artists today such as Rihanna, Kanye West, Lady Gaga, Pharrell, Madonna and Beyoncé are inspired by MJ’s fashion sense.

“My attitude is if fashion says it’s forbidden, I’m going to do it,” – Michael Jackson, Moonwalk.

Michael’s career was very rocky, he was often caught up in constant controversy toward his latter years. But no one can dispute that the man was exceptionally talented, from his impossible dance routines to his pitch-perfect voice. His legendary presence set the bar for every pop star that came after him.

Micheal wasn’t the only one to define the pop style though. Many of his peers can also be credited with sculpting the ‘Pop’ fashion we see today. David Bowie, Madonna and Prince are to name but a few, who also pushed the limits of fashion. But Michael defined what it was to be a true fashion pioneer. He invented the insanely cool dance move “The Moonwalk”, he wore military clothing and sparkly white gloves that are still just as iconic today.

Here we will take a look at some of Michael’s best moments in fashion and how they are still relevant today.

The White Suite

As seen on the cover of his “Thriller” album. Michael wore this simple yet effective white suit. Thriller broke many records and became one of the most influential albums in history which in turn led to the white suit being seen as a symbol of MJ’s dominance in music.

The Motorcycle Jacket

The black leather motorcycle jacket as worn by Michael on the cover of his “Bad” album is the total opposite to the white suit. The white suit shows his soulful side while the black leather jacket shows his edgy, mischievous side. This look paired with his amazing dance moves made sure Michael claimed his place in music history and also was a warning to others that he would not go down without a fight.

The Hat

The Fedora was a big part of Michael Jackson’s look for a large part of the performers career. But where this look really took off was in Michael’s 1988 video for “Smooth Criminal.” MJ wore a white suit, blue shirt, a white tie and the now famous black and white fedora. Michael’s idol, Fred Astaire, wore a very similar outfit in the 1953 musical “The Band Wagon.”

The Red Leather Jacket

One of Michael’s most recognisable looks – the red leather jacket. After appearing in the 1983 video for “Beat It” it became a very popular and widely copied piece of fashion. Michael also recreated a similar look in his later “Thriller” video.

The Military Jacket & The Single White Glove

This is another prime example of Michael pushing the limits of fashion. Military style jackets often lined with sequins or sparkly patterns, paired with slim, cropped trousers often showing the singers socks. This made sure you paid attention to Michael’s unbelievable dance moves.

The most iconic clothing accessory Jackson ever wore was the now legendary single white glove. It is probably the one piece of clothing most associated with the singer. After wearing the glove in the 80’s no matter what he wore before or after it would be the defining moment in fashion for the pop icon.