North west 10 piece urban collective the Moods, bring a rekindled and flourishing wave of independent artists, powered by new beats, fashioned from a fusion of electro-driven, Hip Hop, Dance, Soul, Funk and reggae, armed with a powerful literary passion for words to the city on 28th April for MoodsFest. Its all about the beats per minute, raw passion that makes you dance, made relevant and potent with lyrical bombs, that make you think. This fusion of styles and approach signals a a potential renaissance period in the cities musical history.

Will see Glasgow, Edinburgh & Mancunia come together for an, “urban gathering of clans”, “North of the Border meets Salford and Manchester music”. Rather than the sporting battles of old, this will be a friendly affair, respectful rivalry, a true meeting of minds, a live cocktail of music, words, styles and cultures. Bands and artists from three major musical, industrial and cultural cities, come together to cement, what is an an already collaborative new urban music scene that has been building for the last 18 months.

MoodsFest, is organized and is the brainchild of local band The Moods,10 piece Urban Hip Hop Electro driven dance collective, Its set to be held, Saturday 28th April , starting at 2 pm, at the newly refurbished Bred Shed in Manchester. It will feature the best of new music, an eclectic mix of alternative, indie, dance, hip hop, rap, reggae urban sounds from the likes of; The Moods , Girobabies, YokoPwno, Shady 80s, Miasma,The Twistettes,The Plimp Souls,Y Key Operators, Pleasures and Xmenbteam with 10 live bands in over 10 hours of new music.
Ticket available HERE.


Formed in 2014, A dizzying amalgamation of producers and poets, they swiftly honed their very own sound, which, when taken live, quite simply blew their audiences away. Combining drum & bass, reggae, hip-hop and EDM, The Moods’ mighty music sparks off a contagious need to dance, underpinned, with real grit & substance. “Its all about the feel of playing it live”. All ten moods bring their own unique style and energy to a live performance, “they create a true carnival atmosphere and the crowd always join in the party before the first song is over.”

Their album Missing Peace, was self recorded in their north Manchester studios Boom-shack, mixed by Black Grape musical director Dan Broad and was mastered by Grammy nominated, Stuart Hawkes at London’s Metropolis Studios. Released on indie label A1M records, It achieved critical acclaim and 5 star reviews in regional and national music press. It was named “Album of The Year” in the UK national press “The morning Star”. In the 12 weeks since its release the Moods Album “Missing Peace” has had a phenomenal impact, with physical and download sales in over 24 countries, hundreds of thousands of streams and stellar reviews. Two massive Singles, Joy and P.O.P (Profit over People) achieved multiple plays on BBC Lancashire & Sheffield, with 35 other UK, regional and student FM stations, plus global internet radio stations broadcasting tracks from missing peace to over 100 countries, and videos racking up in excess of 30,000 views on U-Tube, Facebook, & Vevo TV.

The bands music evokes, passion and feeling, and contains an honesty and substance, that is often missing in much of today’s, modern music. The band have plenty to say, singing and rapping with raw passion about the important stuff like war, famine, love, life and death. The Moods are booked to open the main stages of some of the UKs biggest festivals in the summer of 2018, as well as their own headline slots at numerous urban music festivals. The Moods are definitely “Ones to Watch”
Catch a fantastic line up of bands featuring the best of Glasgow and Manchester new urban Music, it all kicks off at 2pm and is only ÂŁ10 for an all day ticket and gives you over 10 hours of new music, in a great venue just off oxford road.

(Photo Credit – CalderMarley Taylor)