After being between various projects for years, Leeds based artist Jordan Crulley has started his newest and most exciting project – Post Krujj. Inspired by stoner rock such as Queens of the Stone Age and Kyuss as well as bands like Deftones, you’ll find a combination of hypnotic melodies, swirling guitars and hard drops. Sticking to his grass roots inspirations, Crulley has found his niche within writing and hopes to cement his place firmly in the Leeds music scene with the weird and wonderful sounds he’ll release via Post-Krujj.

The debut release from Post-Krujj entitled ‘Fairytales‘ shows more similarities to Deftones with the soft, mellow intro before building into a riot with the bass heavy drop. The song was written based upon people who expect too much from their partners, claiming to be ‘princesses’ and ‘kings’. The song professing “fairytales are lies, the world doesn’t revolve around you” looks to show that people should be grateful for the life they have.

Fairytales comes complete with B-Side ‘In Your Head‘; you’ll hear a lot more of the stoner rock influence coming through in this piece. Based on a more current and pressing matter, social anxiety – In Your Head speaks from the voice of somebody who can’t get through life without voices in their head , the music while overwhelming and near uncomfortable creates an unnerving mix, expressing how those with special problems may feel at times.

For more information please contact Jordan at or 0760225802