Due to an ongoing dispute with independent labels over terms for their new music streaming service, YouTube are days away from removing content from independent labels from their platform. Thousands of under the radar artists are set to suffer from blocking, plus several high profile acts signed to independent labels – including Radiohead, Arctic Monkeys and Adele.

The disagreement over terms comes after a body representing the indie labels argued they we’re being ‘strong armed’ into signing deals which would not see artists properly rewarded for their work thanks to low payout. YouTube, meanwhile, claims it is merely trying to bring ‘new revenue streams’ into the music industry.

With the three major labels (Warner, Sony, Universal) already signed up, the dispute is set to continue, with the independent labels appealing to the European court for support. In the meantime, channels such as Vevo will give independent labels platform to keep their music available on YouTube in some capacity.

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