M w S is a soul/RnB duo that was formed in Italy in 2013. Previously known as Marie and the Sun, now with a new name and a new city to play their music to, this duo has embarked on a journey that starts with the release of their single ‘Cliché‘ and the video for it. With a touch of Erykah Badu and Tom MischM w S are an easy listening band that proves their excellent songwriting skills very apparent.

The song mixes Italian pop singing with a touch of British soul accompanied by guitars and a retro jazz piano that is reminiscent of J Dilla’s productions accompanied by a subtle funky bass rhythm to keep you dancing and moving to the music. The production and song writing is so clear and simple that this makes this track a true stand out. Bringing this new sound to Italy where neo-soul is not very popular is surely a challenge and they have embraced it in the best of ways expanding their audience and moving to the UK.

The video for the song is an homage to London, the city the duo has just moved to and made their home.  The day the duo booked the tickets for the UK the country had just voted out of the European Union unfortunately, however, this did not stop or hinder them from starting their journey here. London is definitely going to be a good platform for this type of music and we wish the best for M w S.

With the release of their single and the release of their debut EP “Swim” on 16 of July 2017 we are looking forward to having ‘Cliché‘ accompany our summer song list which brings a little piece of their home town to the massive and varied London music scene.