The singer tweeted some of the G20 leaders. She wanted to talk about their commitment to education in the developing world.

Some of them responded and their exchanges are there for us all to see.

It all started earlier this week when RiRi, who has 74 million followers on Twitter, tweeted the leaders of Argentina, Canada, France and a representative for Germany’s Angela Merkel.




Back in January , Rihanna travelled to Malawi to meet children at low resourced schools in a campaign with Global Citizen and Global Partnership for Education, where she is an ambassador. These two charities try to help fund teaching to children in developing countries.

The Superstar used her global status and previous charity work to reach out to G20 leaders about this subject.



The pop star’s tweets didn’t go unheard.

The President of Argentina, Mauricio Macri, responded by tweeting “Hola @Rihanna! Education is at the heart of our political aims. Only education can change the world.”

Steffen Seibert, the spokesperson for Angela Merkel, replied with “Hi @Rihanna, education is a key area of German development policy. We have nearly doubled spending since 2013. Thanks for spreading the word!”

Finally the Canadian Prime minister Justin Trudeau responded to Rihanna with  “we’ve got your back! Thanks to @mclaudebibeau who made sure girls’ education is in our feminist international development policy.”

Seeing as Rihanna has a following on social media the size of a small country maybe there is a chance she will get a mention at the G20 summit.