Rolling Stones' Iconic Moth/Tongue LogoThe Rolling Stones have finally announced 2015 tour dates and that fans can buy tickets for the Stones 2015 Zip Code tour. This will be the first N. American visit since the 2007 Bigger Bang Tour and it kicks off in Petco Park in May. The tour name, Zip Code Tour, is a reference to the location as well as the 1971 Sticky Fingers Album. The album had an Andy Warhol painting as well as a working zipper. Tour tickets have been anticipated for some time drawing in extensive news coverage in the US. With the announcement date of April 19 being pushed back, rumors about possible cancellation were finally cleared up.


The tour will go through the US, with one of the largest venues being the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. This is the first time in US history an event will be held during a non-race weekend at the venue. The Zip Code Tour is named after the band’s album and is a nod to the re-release of the Sticky Fingers Album, which is set to be released prior to the band’s first tour date. Previously unreleased outtakes are on this album as well as studio sessions, alongside live songs which were done during the original album release dates. The iconic zip cover design will remain present, but various formats of release are being discussed with this new album relaunch.


Tracks like Wild Horses and Brown Sugar which were recorded in London’s Olympics Studios and Alabama’s Muscle Shoals will all be on the album. These tracks were produced by Stones confidante Jimmy Miller. This was released just before the Stones left the UK for France to become tax exiles, which was followed by their farewell tour. The original album was considered ground breaking, due to the iconic zipper finish on the album’s cover. This along with the Warhol artwork truly made it an iconic timepiece which has withstood the test of time over the years.


A “thrust” is said to be in the works for the stage design of the upcoming tour dates. This runs deep into where the audience will sit which will allow the band to truly interact with their audience and the fans during the show dates. Special effects along with video screens are also in the works, which are intended to boost the fan experience, and make the entire tour far more interactive for all who will be present in the stands as well as for the band. This will truly allow fans to experience what it is like to go to a Stones tour.


This new tour is following the 2014 Fire Tour, which took place in New Zealand, Australia, Asia and Europe. L’ Wren Scott, Mick Jagger’s girlfriend passed away last year, which caused many of the tour dates on the previous tour to be rescheduled. Bobby Keys, the long time sax player for the band also passed away last year, which caused tour dates to be pushed back even further during the longer end of the tour. Bobby was a member for some of the most iconic songs the band is known for, and was a part of the original Sticky Fingers Album. He recorded songs like Let it Bleed , as well as Exile on Main Street.

Rolling Stones

Keith Richards also made an announcement which is to follow the tour’s conclusion. He will be releasing a third solo album once the band’s tour comes to a close later this year, which is stated to already have been completed by the rock icon. He stated the album has been done for quite some time but he simply had been waiting for the right time slot in order for him to release it. This seems like the ideal time for him to do just that following this much anticipated tour. Since he has been working so much lately, he did not find the right time to release the album, so closing the tour this is what will be occurring in terms of his solo career apart from his work with the band.


The band has also been in discussion of releasing new work in the near future and of dropping a new album for fans, however there is no concrete date or time frame for this to occur.