Crooked Weather has been described as a melding of indie, world and British folk.  They are musical magpies in a sense but moreover the framework that they lay out with their music creates a warm, golden atmosphere in which to languish.  The harmonious, open-pace to the vocals combined with the well-crafted musicianship and songwriting fosters a reflective, occasionally dark moodiness to their set without being ambient.  There is a poignancy and affectation that brings about interior moments of reflection that speaks to their artistry.

I caught their performance at The MusicPort Festival a couple of weeks ago and sat down with them after their set to discuss their new single, ‘Rabbit Holes’ and a bit of the band’s history as well as the evolution of their sound.


How did you guys meet?

Will:  Out of the full band, I have known Dave the longest.  We started jamming with my old bass player, about five or six years ago.  Could be longer.

Dave:  We met in an area in Hull which is the old town which was built in the 1600’s.  There is an old pub there and Will came there once for an open mic night.  I was doing the sound.  So, that’s where we met.

Will:  So how I met Holly, I was invited to do a solo set and so was she by a person named Matt.   And that’s where we met.  We then started going to Dave’s open mic night.  We didn’t play together at that point.  And, Dave didn’t play drums yet.  Dave’s actually a guitarist, our bass player Tom, is a drummer and he is also head of another band as well.

Dave: I am comfortable with being a drummer now.  With Tom on bass as well, we can suggest things to each other.  It works well.

Will: I wouldn’t change Dave for anyone!  You need the right ingredients to make a band, I think what we have got right now is really good.


Had you always been into the British Folk sound?  Did you evolve into your current state or was the music there straight away?

Dave:  Me and Tom are more like rock and things that are heavier, but Will and Holly are quite folky.  But, all together, we get this total sound of angelic beauty.

Will:  I would say we are more folk grunge.  We go a bit deeper and darker.  When me and Holly duos things sometimes and that’s very acoustic folk based.  We get pigeon-holed as folk which is alright as things go.  I’d say there is a lot of different influences going into the music at the moment.  We are definitely independent!

Dave:  I like things to go quiet and then really heavy!  Strong lyrics, smashed in with Tom’s bass and it creates a great cocktail.

Will:  The easiest way to describe it is folk rock.


Your new single ‘Rabbit Holes’ is quite haunting, can you tell me the back story behind it?

Will:  That was just one of those lovely songs that just happened.  It happened really quickly.  It was a silver afternoon when I wrote it.  The progression of it is very close it something like, ‘Hit The Road Jack’, that A Minor, G, F, E, progression.  Its not far off that, its just a dissident version of that.

Dave:  It has a Spanish flavour to it.

Will: Lyrically, it just happened when the riff came out.  I’d say it was pretty much written when me and Holly were on holiday in Cornwall.  And I haven’t said this to her. Because we released it as a single and this is the last show we have on the ‘Rabbit Holes’ tour.  It’s an obvious metaphor for somebody who has depression.  And, just trying to reach somebody who is unreasonable and down a rabbit hole, that’s the long and the short of it.  Trying to help them cope even though there is nothing you can do, no matter how hard you try or what angle you take.  We’ve had a lot of press about it, but that’s what it is.

Dave:  It’s like wanting to help someone but you really need them to help themselves.  But, I didn’t know all that detail about the song myself!!


What would you like people to take away when they listen to your album?

Will:  Firstly, I want people to enjoy themselves.  The set is a ride.  We try and craft it as a ride that you can go on.

Dave:  I had a conversation with Tom when we arrived, that the last two gigs we have gotten heavier which has been interesting.

Will:  Because gigs are in different towns, we could have a completely folk/acoustic performance.

Dave:  Like a meal when you are cleansing your palette.  So, when its time to play again, its fresh.


You are on tour right now, where are you going to be playing?

Will:  So we released ‘Rabbit Holes’ about a month ago and we have just been touring off the back of that really.  We were in London a few weeks ago which is not always an easy place to play. We played in Camden at a place called Spiritual Bar and played in Surbiton at a place called The Lamb and got looked after really well.  Dave was on holiday so we went down to a three piece and Tom took a foot powered organ.  We put that on stage and everyone was like, ‘What is this instrument?!’ So, even if we don’t use it we need to have it on stage in the future!  But now, me, Holly and Tom are going to Australia to start touring at the end of November for two and half months.  We have about 16 or 17 shows.  Then, the same in New Zealand.  So, we will be gone for like five months.  We have one final gig in Adelphi in Hull that’s our going away gig.  And, we are going to release another single for that as well.

What plans have got for next year?

Will:  So, for April, we have already got something of a little tour lined up in the UK.  We have an album coming out which will be out next year.  It’s just crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s and we want to get that wrapped up before we go away.  That’s the anchor around next year’s antics.   We’ll see. An album takes a lot to get done.  We are gonna release a few singles before we release the new album.  We are releasing a single for the Adelphi gig, then one for New Zealand, then the last track we played from the set, ‘Easy’ that’s probably going to be released as a single when we return to the UK.  And, then after that, we will look at releasing the album as a whole.


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