GEA is a classically trained artist from Finland who wisely teamed up with sought-after producer, Miko H. Haapoja for her debut album, Pink, to be released in April. GEA combines synth pop, classical music and  and traditional Finnish or Scandanavian instruments Pink is a unique blend. Haapoja adds his legendary arrangements and production style to help her create a polished, ethereal piece of experimental-style indie pop while still staying true to the pair’s Finnish roots. The title track for Pink was released well in advance of the album, with a video on Youtube showcasing GEA’s extraordinary voice.

GEA has been studying music all her life, having began studying piano at conservatoire in Helsinki. The piano opens “Pink” along with the churning and somewhat creepy harmonium. A sort of small, crude organ, GEA says this instrument is ubiquitous in Finnish culture and even everyday life, citing her friends’ childhood trauma at hearing the instrument on the track, as every classroom had one at school. The eerie vibe this adds with the sparsely played piano is arranged in such a way to support GEA’s transcendent, otherworldly vocals.

Feather-light and whisper-quiet, GEA’s voice is able to stay quiet and angelic even on the high notes in “Pink”, no easy feat. It’s safe to say that she studied voice as well in school. GEA could easily do this whole song a capella. It’s clear how why Haapoja wanted to work with her.

Pink‘s other tracks are all quite different from the title track and from each other, but the quality of both GEA’s vocals and Haapoja’s production is unwavering. If this is GEA’s debut into the world of indie pop with such a polished, unique sound, she will likely join the Parthenon of great female indie artists. Watch the video on GEA’s Youtube channel and check out her Soundcloud page on April 17 for the release of the full album.