gretchenLindsay Murray is a singer/songwriter who has brought a 90s rock pedigree to her new project, Gretchen’s Wheel. Ken Stringfellow, who produced bands like The Posies and REM and drummer Ira Elliot of Nada Surf both lent their talents on Murray’s First album under this project, entitled Fragile State. The album released in January of this year, but it is gaining steam this month with the pretty, summery single “Masquerade Waltz.”

Murray’s vocal quality is similar to that of Paula Cole, another 90s hitmaker, in that it has a wispy, ethereal quality with a well-trained operatic base.  “Masquerade Waltz” also showcases Murray’s classical training in its composition. The song is done in a 3/4 time just like a standard waltz, even though this a difficult signature to work with in rock. The music has a very waltz-like, almost gliding quality while also taking on elements of folk and alt rock inthe guitars. The haunting minor key the song was composed in matches the melancholy and longing endemic in Murray’s well-written lyrics.

Fragile State is gaining stream as an album, and “Masquerade Waltz” is a wonderful introduction into the bittersweet, sometimes folk sometimes rock but always honest world of Gretchen’s Wheel. The ablum can be streamed or purchased on the Gretchen’s Wheel Bandcamp page.