dynamiteDespite a number of accolades from the likes of The American Songwriting Association and the International Indie Songwriting Contest, Guy Grogan remains as yet largely undiscovered by the pop world. Win or lose, Grogan clearly writes very quickly as he has released eight albums since 2011. February’s Dynamite Bouquet is number nine, and it shows not only Grogan’s songwriting prowess but his diversity in style.”Moonbird” is one of these diversified songs, as it breaks from the general tone of the album with an acoustic, bluesy indie feel.

As the sole permanent member of his own fully analog band, he also sings and plays all the instruments on Dynamite Bouquet. One of the reasons Grogan isn’t better known could be the fact that his online presence is not huge. With no clips on YouTube and not even so much as a Twitter address, however, Grogan has still managed to get himself ranked a number two on Reverbnation. His songwriting is clearly getting attention from the industry, and it doesn’t seem Grogan cares much about impressing the public. He just wants to write.

In terms of composition, no one can fault Grogan and he will likely continue to progress. His guitar skill is simple and clean with a kick of blues, somewhat similar to Paul Westerberg. The glaring problem, generally, with Dynamite Bouquet is his vocals. Quite often off-key and with no real tone, most of the songs on this album are taken down a notch because of Grogan’s voice. “Moonbird” stands out not just because of its acoustic, toned-down style but because Grogan’s vocals suddenly tighten up. Since the track is more blues-driven, Grogan takes his voice down to a raspy whisper, and this suits him quite well. If he can apply this to his rock tracks with electric guitars, he’ll really have a winner. With his laid back guitar filling in the gaps, the raspy, Tom Waits-style vocals really drive this song in a way that has no equal on Grogan’s work up to this point.

With his songwriting and guitar skills, if Guy Grogan decides to go in the direction of “Moonbird” vocally, there will be little limit to where he can take his music. Applying a duskier vocal approach to some of his more indie rock-inspired tracks will see even more critical acclaim. Dynamite Bouquet released on February 23 and already has a #2 ranking on Reverbnation and can be streamed there or on Guy Grogan’s Bandcamp page along with his other albums.