Trans FX is pleased to announce the release of their fifth full-length studio album, Trans FX & The Showroom Dummies, a collaboration on the part of Chris McDonnell (the group’s writer, producer, main performer and sole constant member) with Olympian talents Lillian Maring, Valerie Warren and Abby Dahlquist. Half of the tracks receive vocal treatment from McDonnell, who gets the remainder fit for a stunning display by his model accomplices. The fruit of this procedure—a well-balanced but provisional ensemble, sonically beholden to local legend recording engineer Captain Tripps Ballsington—is most expedient for TFX. Following a period of intensified artistic independence and solitary refinement over the past few years, the project has come to exist and produce in a manner which points irresistibly past its own means and makes few concessions for those unadapt to the process.

Their first single of this album, The Way It Sounds, features Olympian talent Lillian Maring. The Way It Sounds is the result of blending various styles that creates a unique and explosive mix of sounds with no barriers. The video exemplifies TransFX’s originality, not only in the visual but as a great compliment to what this record is.

The Showroom Dummies marks the most accomplished Trans FX release to date, yet more proof of how far the project has come and also has to go. We hereby welcome it gratefully and in good faith into this world.