The Bath 5-piece consists of two sets of twins and an additional brother. Their debut EP entitled New Year’s Day is available today on newly pressed limited edition vinyl. Made from a warm blend of 60’s pop with golden harmonies enriched by the psychedelic sounds of singer/songwriter, Will Walter’s record collection, the debut EP is what Clash Music calls “a delicious intro, one bedecked in songwriting quirks and a palpable sense of individuality.

Track 4 on the EP, Godspeed, offers a happy daze of 60’s synths and dreamy vocal harmonies serving an important reminder that “you don’t have to be right all the time, cos you’re alright just the way you are.” Ignited by that mantra, the track builds into a crescendo with 16 layers of vocal harmony over a 3 round vocal pass.

The accompanying video clip is the 3rd and final instalment in a series that has spanned the “New Year’s Day” EP, all shot guerrilla style one weekend in Tenerife. Said lead singer Will Walter of the shoot, “The most stressful part was being in a church on top of a mountain with only 30 minutes to film with no permission or authority to do so, whilst trying to clear the building of tourists who thought I was dressed as Jesus.”

Voyages are giving us the summer escapism that we’re all craving.” – Wonderland Magazine

Limited Edition vinyl pressings of the EP are available, and come with a digital download of all five tracks:

Watch the Music Video for Godspeed below:

Voyages are:

Will Walter – vocals/guitar

Tim Walter – vocals/keys

Ollie Walter – guitar

James Woods – bass

Lewis Woods – drums