Spotify has removed a new album from independent funk band Vulfpeck from the streaming site because it breaks their terms of content.

Aimed at generating money so the band could go on tour without charging admission fees, the ‘Sleepify’ album comprised ten tracks of silence which Vulfpeck asked fans to stream on repeat overnight. It’s estimated the idea generated in the region of $25,000 (£14,900) for the band.

Spotify, who offer artists the princely sum of $0.007 per track played, have refused to comment. The controversy comes one year after Thom Yorke took the high profile decision to remove all Radiohead’s material from the site in protest at it’s lack of respect for artists.

Vulfpeck’s own response was to post a new 3 track EP to the site, called ‘Official Statement’.

Track 1, ‘#Hurt’, is a message from the band:

“About 5 minutes ago I received an email from Spotify. The gist of it was that, while they enjoy Sleepify and thought it was funny and clever, it violated their terms of content. So I don’t know what’s going to happen with it – it’s very uncertain at the moment. And in light of that uncertainly I want to take 30 seconds silence to ponder the uncertainty.”

Track 2, ‘#Reflect’, is 31 seconds of silence, followed by ‘Parted Sea (Strong Pesach)’, an instrumental keyboard track.


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