You’d be forgiven for the thinking the duo Ward Thomas were a Nashville based country act but they are not even American, they are actually from Hampshire in the UK. 

The twin sisters, Catherine and Lizzy, who comprise Ward Thomas, started writing songs during their teen years borne out of passion for the US Country Stars, The Dixie Chicks.  However, they have focused their attentions on home ground up until now and have built a loyal following on British shores before they make the leap to the US Country arena.   So, with the country scene growing year on year in the UK due to the successes of things like the Country 2 Country UK festival, which feature more and more of Nashville’s top country acts every year (and which they themselves played at this year in March), they have hit the burgeoning country scene in the UK at precisely the perfect time. 

Their latest album, Cartwheels, is an easy, melodic symphony of harmonies which leisurely takes you through love and loss, akin to most country albums. What sets it apart is the unique balance the two create with their sound created by the pairing of their two separate but synergistic voices.  It is a truly effortless, accessible set of songs that is an uncomplicated, paired back sound unburdened by overproduction making it an elegant and enticing listen. 

The ladies have a busy summer touring season planned with many high points including the UK festivals in the Isle of Wight, BST in Hyde Park, Latitude and The Cambridge Folk Festival, just to name a few, that will spread their exposure far and wide across the British Isles.  What is clear is that they will no doubt find success across the pond in due course as their brand of country will translate with ease assuredly. 

Tickets are on sale here.