While headlining at Glastonbury on the Pyramid Stage Ed called on the crowd to show their phone lights. The singer-songwriter headlined Sunday after Friday headliners Radiohead and Saturdays Foo Fighters set.

Sheeran opened up with ‘Castle On The Hill’ before telling the crowd “I have to admit I’ve very nervous, but very excited”.

‘Eraser’ was next after which he said “Thank you so much for staying on a Sunday night to watch me”. He also told how the last time he performed the song at Glastonbury it was only to “about 500 people”He then asked the crowd to hold up their mobile phone lights whilst he performed the song ‘A Team’.

Sheeran admitted that he felt “out of place” at Glastonbury. “I’m definitely the one that’s out of place on that list,” he told the BBC. “But I think that’s an exciting thing.”

“I’m actually more excited for this than I was for my Wembley Stadium shows because when you’re playing your own shows you’re not really winning anyone over because they’ve all parted with cash to buy a ticket, so you’ve already won them over,” he explained. “But I think I’m going to be playing to a lot of people who might have heard some of my songs on the radio, but they’re Glastonbury goers, they’re not fans of me.”

“Knowing that there are people in the audience who possibly don’t even like my music at all and are just there to sort of see, that excites me,” Ed added.