‘When Your Whole World Turns to Dust’ is the third album from Leicester based songwriter, Richard Stone following A Blue Flame’s acclaimed ‘what we’ve become is all that now remains…’ from 2016 and ‘someone else’s dreams will fill our home’ released in 2013 as Woodman Stone.

A Blue Flame - Album Cover

Stone writes “wonderful unashamed pop music that comes with an inbuilt English Pop sensibility running through to its very core” (freshonthenet.co.uk)

Diverse and wide ranging, Stone’s songs are the very definition of eclectic – he’s been likened to artists ranging from Bowie, Pulp, Prefab Sprout, Morrisey and Burt Bacharach to Leonard Cohen, Al Stewart, Everything But the Girl and Nick Cave – there’s “a touch of The Kinks about it, a touch of Divine Comedy, and plenty of heart” (thecrackmagazine.com)

There have been radio plays aplenty on 6Music, Radio Leicester, the odd session on local radio and spins on numerous internet radio stations around the world.

“Stone’s a man out of time but what a great time it is…”(artisticechoes.co.uk) telling “compelling stories about life, love, faith, loss and heartbreak” on the beautifully arranged second album which “keeps getting better with each listen as the beauty of the lyrics continues to sink in” (eclecticmusiclover.com) The album is “Enjoyable on the first listen and near on essential thereon in” (ringmasterreview) The lyrics are key to Stone’s songs as he “paints vivid pictures with quite splendid poetry …brimming over with quotable vignettes” (godisinthetvzine.co.uk)

Sounds good? The third album is even better…

“All that now remains is to see what Richard Stone becomes. By rights, what he SHOULD become is a major star” (godisinthetvzine.co.uk)

Listen to When Your Whole World Turns to Dust below: