“Winnipeg’s Mise en Scene shine with the same no-nonsense independent musical spirit of the 90’s, of bands like Throwing Muses, Madder Rose or Drugstore, when guitars were somehow crunchier and kick drums punched a little harder. ‘Waster’ is the band’s latest reveal from second album ’Still Life On Fire’. Full of sardonic froth and energetic vitriol, ‘Waster’ is cathartic but also one of the best ‘fuck you’ mixtape tracks you’d not want to be on the receiving end of.” GoldFlakePaint

‘Waster’ was released as the second UK single by the Winnipeg, Canada based indie group Mise en Scene last week and has received 75 plays to date on Amazing Radio and further support from Radio X. The video for the song premiered in their home territory on 14th September.

The band’s debut UK single, ‘Closer’, a burning holler that channels the Riot grlll aesthetic, was A-listed by Amazing Radio and has been played almost 100 times on the station. A distinctive video for the song was premiered on Playboy and can be seen here.

Stefanie Blondal Johnson and Jodi Dunlop of Winnipeg have overseen slow, steady changes in their group since co-founding the band in 2012, but the gradual metamorphosis has been well worth the wait. Their second album, ‘Still Life On Fire’, is a set of excellent guitar based songs that takes rock, new wave, post-punk and 90’s indie/alt.rock influences and stamps the band’s personality all over them via Johnson’s powerful vocals and inventive arrangements.

Watch the Official Music Video for Waster below: