Chris Brown and Prince Royce have come together for the R&B/Bachata fused single, “Just As I Am” by Spiff TV.

On Sunday in Los Angeles, both top artists filmed the music video directed by Spiff TV for his SONY Latin Music album called The Union, first compilation music album representing both worlds (English & Latin).

Royce and Chris spoke on set about on how the Latin market is blowing up the music space, and excited on the blends of the song with both languages, and feelings.

Visually, this music video will contribute to the album’s vision of bridging both markets beat and sound wise.

The single is currently #1 this week on the Billboard Tropical charts.

Spiff TV is an influencer who is known for being one of the top music video directors, A&R for Rick Ross’ music label and branding musically top artists such as French Montana, and many more.

He is known as the bridge between both markets who is now creating one of the top historic and most anticipated albums in 2017, and 2018. The album also features collabs by Yandel and Future, and many more to be announced.

This single will be in The Union, but it’s included in Royce’s current album that is one of the top album’s in the Latin market.

Watch the lyric video for Just As I Am below: