‘Dig Deeper’ is a new song off Inner Tongue’s forthcoming debut album, which will be released early next year. The song is about the adrenaline you feel before take off, the seconds in weightlessness and the eventuating Netflix-boredom, that can be ultimately freeing.

Inner Tongue

About the song: “I recently bought an old Roland Space Chorus and had a good time experimenting with it in the studio. The moody drum sound I’ve created with it, was somewhat inspiring, so I recorded a few chords and vocals over it. That’s how Dig Deeper started. With the video I wanted to visualise the effortless character of the song. The filming was more like a party with wild lights and smoke. Random fact, at around 2 AM we put on a few Bowie songs and danced to them instead. Some of that also ended up in the video.“

A project undertaken by one man in his mid twenties, Inner Tongue offers the sound of victory over an uncertain future: in 2013, its exponent was diagnosed with a vocal cord disorder so severe that only a handful of specialists throughout the entire world were capable of treating it at all. Still, given that the gift of voice is sacred to a musician, he worked day and night to raise the funds necessary to pay for the required operation, and, after the procedure, embarked on a protracted period of silence. With this, inevitably, came the unbearable uncertainty of not knowing whether he’d ever be able to use his voice again.

“Until the first follow-up appointment,” Inner Tongue explains, “I hid myself in total silence in my apartment. I was totally depressed, and refused to write any music. But somehow I was drawn from my sofa to my piano, and tried to overcome my fear. So I decided to modify my musical focus temporarily by writing songs which could produce a melodic tension without vocals, but which featured the traits of forward-looking pop music. What emerged came from an entirely new perspective. It was as if someone had pressed a reset button on the musical identity I had of myself.”

Eight months after the operation, Inner Tongue was at last able to use his voice fully and the agonising wait paid off. In spring 2015 he released his debut EP, Tz,Ka, which was warmly received, with the Guardian calling it ‘dreamy music of delicacy and depth’ and the Independent noting that it ‘gleams with effortless, subtle feeling’.  Artists including Mercury Prize nominated Ghostpoet (UK), Everything Everything (UK) and „German wunderkind“ GET WELL SOON invited Inner Tongue to join them on their European tours.

Inner Tongue works from his current home base of Vienna amid a thriving electronic scene – though he finds as much inspiration in the quiet serenity of the mountains as in the hustle and bustle of the city. He recorded and produced his tracks in London in Flood and Alan Moulder’s Assault & Battery studios together with John Catlin (Foals, Warpaint, The Naked And Famous etc.), who he already worked together with on the debut EP. Underworld is the first of several songs that will be released in advance of the album over the coming months.

The resulting work combines the lightness of touch that distinguishes Death Cab For Cutie, the heartfelt perfection found in SOHN’s sonic realms, and the intuition evident in Chet Faker. With nonchalant beats and elements that at times recall James Blake, the music boasts delicacy and astonishing depth. Subdued drums and floating synths swirl, and by the time his gentle, vulnerable voice appears, it’s clear that something extraordinary is happening. Inner Tongue recalls “until then I honestly wasn’t sure I would ever sing my own songs again.”

Watch the video for previous single Underworld below:


“It’s hard to describe how good INNER TONGUE are!“ *Ghost Poet’, Artist

“Shout out to our new friends Inner Tongue for being so good,“ Everything, Everything Artist

“Fallen Empire is the first release by this Vienna-based electronic artist and singer, who was diagnosed with a rare vocal-cord disorder so severe that only a handful of specialists throughout the entire world were capable of treating it at all. Surgery left him, for a time, unable to talk. Reduced to silence, depressed and withdrawn, he managed to overcome inertia and compose the songs on his debut EP, Tz, Ka. He then tentatively began singing again, softly and forlornly, until his voice had properly healed. He is unlikely ever to do a death metal roar, but then his meditative, melodic electronica probably wouldn’t suit it. He’s more James Blake than James Hetfield; more SOHN than Sepultura. Dreamy music of delicacy and depth.“ The Guardian, UK

“The new track from Electro-indie artist Inner Tongue is a dreamy tune that gleams with effortless, subtle feeling.“ The Independent, UK

“Thoughtful Beats, dreamy plucked guitars, a warm singing. That all sounds very positive like a mix of Sohn, James Blake and Chet Faker.” NOISEY