Hailing from Berlin and its vibrant electronic music scene, the duo of Feline and Strange have formed their own eccentric, eclectic and exciting brand of music that draws as much upon classical compositions as it does cabaret.

Not only this, but there’s a few sprinklings of punk stylings in there too and all of this can be seen in the duo’s latest single ‘No Life On Mars’ which is taken from the upcoming album, OUT.

Watch the video for No Life On Mars below:

Describing their music as both ‘aggressive and depressive’ Feline and Strange take their audiences on an unpredictable sonic journey shifting between styles without warning and employing evocative silences with a chaos of unique instrumentation. This even extends to a fold up cello made by Christoph Klemke (Strange) who built the instrument himself so that he could take it as carry-on luggage for plane journeys.

The duo’s upcoming album, OUT, was produced by Jason Rubal (Amanda Palmer, Robert Smith, Garbage) and was written in just two weeks by Feline during a residency in Marseille. Her world turned in this time from a Germany welcoming thousands of refugees with open arms, to a world wide political hate crisis, thus explaining the uninhibited cynical rage and the terrible sadness in these 11 epic songs. Inspired by a wide range of topics, the music of Feline and Strange stands by itself, drawing upon human feelings, political and feminist issues.