Theatrical punks Felix Hagan & The Family have today announced the release of their debut album Attention Seeker, due for release on November 20th. To mark the announcement, the band have released the brand new single ‘Hey I Want You’.

The new song is a huge celebration of extravagant rock ‘n’ roll and plays as if Queen starred in The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Regarding the single Felix says, “This is a noisy hymn to the people we love, a fast-paced, growling, glittery beast to brighten your eyes and grab you by the throat. Take a hold of that person you adore, and let’s dance.”

Felix and his band’s on-going mission is to cram British pop music with the exuberance and majesty of grandiose, flamboyant rock’n’roll. ‘Hey I Want You’ follows the release of the electro-rock stomper ‘Delirium Tremendous’, both taken from the forthcoming album.

Felix Hagan & The Family deliver sharp lyricism, with songs that deal with typically dark subjects – depression, addiction, the loss of young dreams and the torpor of everyday life – then set them on fire in a joyous explosion of spectacle.

The critically acclaimed seven piece are also a firm favourite of folk-punk legend Frank Turner, who said about the band, “Within about 30 seconds of them taking the stage, I was sold; a total convert, a newly-signed-up member of the cult.” 

They have supported the singer across the country, and play with him again at The Big Issue presents Street Noise festival in Manchester tonight (August 24th).

Listen to Hey I Want You below via SoundCloud: