Hailing from the luscious east coast of Italy, the four 18 year old components of alternative indie-rock band, Five o Five, inspired by the likes of The Arctic Monkeys, are bursting out of their small seaside town confinement in order to create a style that is musically and culturally diverse from the limited range of dull, repetitive and pounding beats of mainstream songs that are available in their area.

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Having recently recorded their debut album, @Y&!, with producer, Giuseppe Fiori in Milan, the band present a contemporary concoction of garage indie-rock with hints of electro and pop, being released by Bang Dischi Records in September, and now Five o Five are dropping the guitar-fuelled, attitude-filled single, ‘Where They Bring Sophie’. The new track kicks off with an instantly potent guitar riff, which is quickly joined by a pulsating drum beat and fuzzy vocals which complete the fast-paced, in your face sound.

Consisting of Piero (guitar/lead vocals), Andrea (drums), Riccardo (bass) and Alessandro (keyboards), the group of friends may be young, but their talent without a doubt belies their years, proving how Italy and the rest of Europe still has a role to play in the world of rock-centric music.

Piero and Andrea met at school when they were just 14, during a Physical Education class, and it wasn’t long before the pair decided to try their hand at playing and creating music together, inspired by their heroes like The Beatles, The White Stripes and The Arctic Monkeys. After a number of changes in the band’s line up, Riccardo joined after having only bought his first bass guitar one month earlier from Piero’s brother for just 15 Euros. For around a year, the band acted as a 3 piece, before Alessandro came in, adding a new layer of texture on keyboards.

On occasions, the band have been known to take an interesting approach to song writing, with Andrea unintentionally composing the melody in one of the band’s interlude’s after attending a concert and having a few drinks. He started pressing random keys on the keyboard whilst also making animal noises, before Alessandro took control of the situation and sculpted these foundations into a polished product. The band are no strangers to playing live either, having performed in front of 2500 people at the Adriatic Bowl for the International Skate Contest.

Watch the video for Where They Bring Sophie? below: