Genre-bending three-piece Oya Paya have released their debut EP Ʊyə Paɪyə, featuring three diverse and unmissable tracks, alongside a series of captivating music videos.

The new EP draws influence from a range of musical styles, from alt-indie and rock to hip-hop and soul. Oya Paya have created something completely unique and truly intriguing with this debut release, which has received support and airplay from BBC Radio 1’s Phil Taggart.

The band’s most recent music video for Put My Record On is the latest in a series of visual feasts, including a mix of tracks from the EP and unreleased cuts.

Oya Paya are all about #spicy music, a DIY approach, and a bromance between three people who come from different parts of the globe, sharing five different nationalities between them. Although veterans of the Liverpool music scene, the band consists of Singaporean drummer Ashwin, UK-born bassist Saam and the French imported frontman Maxime.

Despite their ongoing success and undeniable musical chemistry, Ashwin was recently deported back to Singapore due to Home Office’s restrictions on international students. The band and their fans are currently fighting to get him back to the UK to continue the Oya Paya odyssey.

We are currently battling the tangle-ridden web of UK immigration law to bring our drummer back home. In the midst of all this, we are still creating and releasing music we loveMaxime – Oya Paya Frontman

Listen to Ʊyə Paɪyə below or Stream/Download here.