“….this is really beautiful music” – Tony Visconti

“… a superbly crafted collection of future instrumental classics. ” – Subba Cultcha

” Paul K has a real knack for making music the listener feels, and “Omertà” is an impressively nuanced, detailed work. ” – Whisperin and Hollerin

“… beautifully played and positively mesmeric ” – Music News

“….does more with instrumental arrangements than a great many vocal acts could hope to do” – NeuFutr Magazine

As one half of Glitch Code, he delivered a noteworthy debut album in the form of ‘Gifted_Damaged’. ‘Omertà’, a solo offering, reflects a very different aspect of Kirkpatrick’s musical capabilities: while ‘Gifted_Damaged’ sits firmly in the realm of tense, dark electronic pop, this instrumental work is more cinematic, more calm, and while it’s not without pop worthy musical hooks, errs at times toward the more progressive end of the rock spectrum.

Watch the video for ‘Broken’ by Paul K below:

The cinematic feel makes perfect sense in context of Paul’s own outlining of the album’s theme and development. He writes, ‘“Omertà” is a code of honor that places importance on silence, noncooperation with authorities, and non-interference in the illegal actions of others. A film. A soundtrack. But what if you flipped the whole creative process on its head and created the sonic work first and then produced a film around it? The titles of the tracks become the plot guides for the film. That is how I imagined the “plot” for the album.’

Watch video for ‘Ashes In The Snow’ here:  https://youtu.be/VWsFZQc-EjE

Paul has worked closely with Laurence Stevens (Muse, Eurythmics) to produce a special physical pack for the CD version of the album complete with a beautiful 44-page booklet featuring a digital collage of each of the tracks. This will be presented in a sealed envelope containing the CD and Booklet and available through his website to purchase as a physical booklet only to accompany the digital download

Great rock musicians get the power of music in film — like George Harrison’s music for Wonderwall and Mike Oldfield’s music for The Exorcist and The Space Movie to name a few. In its own way, as compelling as those revered soundtracks and with a suspenseful and complex plot with music that creates its own storyline — Omertà is rolling in melodic invention and cutting edge arrangements ripe with sonic imagery and intrigue. Omertà is a luminous musical destination worthy of further investigation.

Paul has made a series of short films to accompany the album which can be viewed on his website or on his YouTube channel: http://tinyurl.com/znfv37e

The album “Omertà” is out now.