Her version of Beyonce’s “Halo,” from 2013’s The Bluebird of Happiness, captivated the world. It garnered international attention when HBO series The Young Pope used it in a pivotal scene. Now Lotte Kestner returns with Off White, her devastating new album. Its unsparing, alabaster songs are powerful enough to age a young pope 50 years and shatter his faith in the almighty.

Lotte Kestner is the pseudonym of Anna-Lynne Williams, formerly the singer in beloved band Trespassers William and featured on the Chemical Brothers’ Grammy winning album Push the Button.

At times her voice is a dead ringer for Magnolia-era Aimee Mann, but the sparse spiritual yearning of Talk Talk or Red House Painters is a more apt comparison. The songs may be driven by piano, or understated acoustic guitar, but they’re fleshed out with bloodless synths, or in the case of “Have You Sailed Home,” beautiful strings. The darkness of a clean white room, furnished in ivory and plastered with eggshells.

Off White is a treasure, an album of shadows and silhouettes. Elegiac and uplifting, valedictory and ashen. It ends with a solitary piano figure, nothing left to say.

‘profoundly spare.’ [All Music]

‘Her music never sounds a wrong note, and this memorable cycle of songs will resonate with listeners long after the final note has faded away.’ [Big Takeover]

‘The lyrics of Lotte Kestner transform and mutate, and what they do to a folk song is deadly.’ 8/10 [Popmatters]

‘a mournful lament that is compelling and addictive.’ [Gold Flake Paint] ‘everything she touches turns beautiful’ [Sputnik Music]

The album drops on September 1st on Saint Marie Records.

Watch the Official Video for Ghosts below: