“Why reach for the stars when their light will find you?

You could conquer the world but then what would you do?

So, dream small and you might find what you’re looking for”

Hafdis Huld’s lyrics always reflect her life; the first few years of her young daughter’s life haven’t been straightforward and there were times she didn’t think she could continue making music.  But rather than waiting for the conditions to be perfect, ‘Dare to Dream Small’ (Hafdis’s 4th full studio album) celebrates the beauty in the little things and asks, “What is perfect anyway?”

Hafdis explains: “Social media can make us feel inadequate, and there is a generation now growing up with the constant pressure to think bigger, get richer, become thinner, and have a more fabulous life. I think it is important to remember that life is not a competition. If you have enough then you should allow yourself to be happy. It’s OK to dream small”.

Hafdis Huld - The Music Site (www.TheMusicSite.com)

First single, ‘Take Me Dancing’ celebrates the simple joy of dancing with a lover. The stunning video recreates a true story of an Icelandic girl in the 1950s who lived in a remote part of Iceland´s Westfjords that could only be reached by boat or over a glacier. On special occasions she would make a 6 hour walk over the glacier to meet up with other youngsters to have a dance and then walk back home by herself in the  bright summer night. With glorious aerial photography of the Icelandic landscape and cameo appearances from local farmers, this video will make you nostalgic for something you’ve never experienced.

Dare to Dream Small’ co-writers include Boo Hewerdine, Nik Kershaw, Tim Gordine, Calum MacColl and Alisdair Wright (who also produced the album).  Several songs feature the string quartet that played on the soundtrack of ‘Broadchurch’.  Album mixed by Addi 800 (Bjork – Biophilia, Sigur Ros, Blur).

Brief background notes:

  • Former member of Gus Gus
  • Co-writer & performer with F C Kahuna on ‘Hayling’ & ‘Machine Say Yes’
  • Featured vocalist for Tricky, Lisbon Kid and Glastrophobie
  • Over 6 million Spotify streams
  • Four #1 singles and two #1 albums in Iceland
  • Winner of Best Pop Album at Icelandic Music Awards
  • Fans in over 45 countries worldwide

Hafdis Huld - The Music Site (www.TheMusicSite.com)