Honey Bones is the interstate project of David Mikkelson (Idaho) and Ivan Silva (California). In 2013 Ivan started sending guitar and bass tracks over the internet to David who in turn sang and produced the songs to their final form. Their first self-titled EP found commercial success with songs like Dragg and Shutter. With influences ranging from Deftones to The Cardigans their unique sound falls somewhere in the genres of Indie Pop and Synth-hop.

About The Making of “Black”:
Basically, we wanted to take a different approach for this EP and concentrate on something a little more serious. The fall (about a friend losing his mind) Anxxxiety (panic attacks I was having) Black (depression takes on the form of a person and tries luring the subject into suicide). We were scared about releasing this because it is darker and since most of our exposure is for happy songs like Dragg we thought we might turn some people off or away.

Listen to the Black EP below: