Dark electronic trio INHALT announce ‘Part Time Punks Sessions’, unveil first single ‘Walking On Glass’

“Aside from some additional production gloss this easily could have emanated from the early 1980s; German to the core and set to the time of a twitching clock… they transcend the hype by whipping you into a trance and holding you, cross-eyed, until they let you down not-so-gently at the end of each side. They use the technology of modern times to jump-kick their compositions to life, rather than adorn them to death” ‚ÄstTiny Mix Tapes

“Combining the danceability of Italodisco, the controlled raw of Waxtrax and the dark social critique of John Carpenter, Inhalt makes you dance, then think. If ever there was such a thing as intelligent dance music, this is it”¬†‚ÄstElektronauts

“Amongst the multilingual gymnastics is an EBM undercurrent, a rumbling arpeggio akin to Front 242. ‚ÄúProgramming‚ÄĚ is sleek, chic and cold… Beats are sharp, edging on industrial, as rich synth lines soar into vocals”¬†‚ÄstIgloo Magazine

“Inhalt‚Äôs inclination towards songwriting is key in understanding what separates them from their peers and forebears. Most minimal wave, punk as it was, was not written with songwriting, per se, in mind; on the other side of the coin, most synth-pop and new wave lacks the ferocity and rawness that made minimal wave such a distinctive sound. Inhalt sit in the middle” ‚ÄstImpose Magazine

On April 14, dark electronic / minimal synth outfit¬†INHALT¬†will be releasing their new album ‚ÄėPart Time Punks Sessions‚Äô via Cleopatra Records, who are giving a taste of the album by presenting the lead single ‘Walking on Glass’.¬†Hard-driving, up-tempo, and propelled by German vocals, this and the other tracks offered on this release are sleek, chic and cold, formidably¬†capturing the INHALT sound and ethos.

The video for ‘Walking On Glass’ was shot, edited, and directed by Dmitry Semenov, one of the main visual collaborators for Recoil (Alan Wilder/ Depeche Mode).

The ‘Part Time Punks Sessions’ LP¬†features the best of the band’s signature¬†synth-driven dark analog pop.¬†This¬†is both a live and a studio album, having been recorded in real time¬†in collaboration with the Part Time Punks radio show in Los Angeles. This is the band’s fourth significant release and final album to be recorded at the band‚Äôs home built studio, affectionately called ‚ÄúThe Bunker‚ÄĚ.

Watch the video for INHALT’s ‘Walking on Glass’ below:

INHALT is German for ‚Äúcontent‚ÄĚ. This¬†San Francisco-based trio is comprised of¬†Philip Winiger, Matia Simovich, and Steven Campodonico.¬†Winiger, born in Switzerland, visited San Francisco for a year long sabbatical but ended up forming the band with Simovich in 2009. They immediately recognized their mutual philosophy of sonic fidelity and creative integrity, rather than nostalgia.

For some INHALT will already be known, having released their first three releases on notable record labels. Their split 12‚ÄĚ with London‚Äôs seminal World Unknown Records happened in 2011, followed by their ‚ÄúVehicle‚ÄĚ and ‚ÄúOccupations‚ÄĚ EPs for San Francisco‚Äôs cult powerhouse Dark Entries Records. These waves of dark energy-filled output firmly established INHALT‚Äôs sound. What emerged was a well-defined pop sensibility informed by European Minimalism and a sincere, yet playfully cynical sense of humor. As much Kraftwerk as John Carpenter but with a pronounced drive of Moroder disco, INHALT‚Äôs sound has found home in both studious personal listening and the crowded dance floor.

“If we‚Äôve been accused of putting too much time in the production process, PTP Sessions would be our antithesis; Done quickly, direct to multitrack analog tape, in a single take, capturing our live show, as it is, warts and all. We took inspiration from the John Peel sessions of days past, and worked in the spirit of that body of work from the performance, straight to the final mix down,” explains¬†Matia Simovich.¬†“It was a great privilege to be asked to do this by Michael Stock (who runs Part Time Punks), and we delivered something that we feel matches the essence of PTP: raw, honest, and on the border between the past and the present.”

Hot on the heels of the ‚ÄúSimulacra‚ÄĚ remix EP for London‚Äôs Emotional Especial, INHALT not only ravaged the dance-centric anglo beat (fueled by remixes from heavyweights Timothy J. Fairplay and Black Merlin), but also found themselves in their ideal creative intersection: the road between the lyrical response to a challenging world, a sublime and elegant production technique, and the never ending pulse of the transistor rhythm machine.

On the concert circuit, INHALT have a reputation for bringing a tour de force wall of sound with an energetic stage presence. They have played concerts with peers old and new, including Front 242, Clock DVA, Martial Canterel, and High Functioning Flesh. They’ve condensed this raw concert experience into the John Peel-esque Part Time Punks Sessions, to be made available on April 14, both digitally and on CD, via Cleopatra Records with the vinyl release to follow.

On March 17, INHALT will deliver a specially curated DJ set in Austin at SXSW as part of the event ‘AFS and Holodeck Present: Kwaidan Rescored 2017 SXSW Official’. This event, which takes place at The Hideout Theater beginning at 7pm local time, was organized by Holodeck Records in partnership with the Austin Film Society.


All songs written, sequenced & performed by INHALT.

Recorded in collaboration with Part Time Punks radio show in Los Angeles
Mixed & produced on a Solid State Logic 4000E at Studio A, Different Fur Studios, San Francisco, California by Matia Simovich, Philip Winiger & Steven Campodonico.

Mastered by Paul Lavigne at Contrast Mastering, London England.

Graphic design (logo and packaging) by Leo Merz in Stuttgart, Germany
Video for ‘Walking On Glass’ was shot, edited, and directed by Dmitry Semenov.
Video for ‘Vehicle’ directed by Logan Owlbeemoth, founder of the analog engineering outfit TACHYONS+, using many custom built analog video processors.


  1. Aphonia
  2. Panopticon
  3. Black Sun
  4. Noise
  5. Walking On Glass
  6. Programming
  7. Vehicle
  8. Occupations