The city of Copenhagen in Denmark has spawned a new psychedelic music project within the underground vaults of its vibrant music scene in Future War Bride, who announce their arrival with their debut single Gloves Off set for release on June 24th.
Gloves Off is a synth led, driving psych-pop track with an ejector button chorus, designed to surprise as much as propel, accompanied by a lyrical wake up call for those under the spell of political fallacy.
“The face down generation is, on a spiritual level, going belly up in the hunt for the next opportunity,” explains frontman Mikkel Böstrom. “It’s a weird and cruel philosophy that leads only one way, creating miserable people in a miserable world. This is not a game, and people are not athletes. Maybe it’s time to take the gloves off and start fighting with winners and losers mentality.”
This rallying call comes from a singer who recorded this debut at the same time his memory was actually failing him. The song itself is a fragmented example of Boström’s medicated experience depicting two contrasting universes that collide and create. It’s also the first psychedelic journey into an album that has wondrous colourful beauty, space, time and catalytic reactions once digested.
Gloves Off, the band’s loudest track in comparison to the harmony-led pop songs in their archives, is the first chapter taken from their forthcoming debut album; produced and recorded by Mikkel Böstrom and the band at Viktoria Studios in Copenhagen.

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Mikkel Boström – vocals/guitar
Morten Puper – keys, guitar
Jakob Gravlund – bass
Christian Ki Dall – guitar, keys