“Skies Are was written as a nostalgic look back towards a relationship, post breakup. In the daydream-like journey from the high points to the low points, the free fall is embraced and the demons are exorcised.”

‘Skies Are’ sees Kylypso hitting the heady heights of summer dance pop perfection. Opening with the kind of interesting beat and zen-like synth lines that wouldn’t be out of place on a Caribou record, the song gradually morphs into a psych-tinged indie dance number loaded with funkadelic bass riffs and giant hooks. Veering effortlessly from sonic minimalism to vibrant technicolour patchworks of layered sound, at its heart is a tune so infectious it feels like Kevin Parker could have been knocking heads with Max Martin in the writers’ room somewhere. Altogether it’s a strong indicator that their forthcoming EP [title and date] will be an auspicious debut from an assured and magnetising new group.


East London’s Kylypso emerged last year with their debut single ‘Mean 2 U’, which was a sure-footed statement of intent, combining a slick electronic production edge with vibrant lysergic pop songwriting. Now, making waves with additions like ‘Blame Love’ and new single ‘Skies Are’, Kylypso have arrived fully formed. Central to their output is a sheer, unabashed love of sweet melody. With a vitality to their sound that anyone can get behind, Kylypso are emerging as an undeniable and peerless new sound in the capital. Their new EP opens doors to an eclectic realised sound, the perfect soundtrack to a rainy summer.

Take a listen to Skies Are below via SoundCloud: