Lost Reality is a project which dates back to 1996 and has undergone a radical evolution over time.
Over the last years the band is settled into its current electro rock/alternative 3-piece lineup.
The band were featured in many of compilations and magazines (PSYCHO, Gothic Magazine, Nachtaktiv Magazine), in radios and tv shows (Demoltion, Database, Salaprove, Rock TV Tour, Rock TV Night and Rock TV’s, On The Road) and was finalist or won national and international music competitions (I-Tim tour, Diesel U).


Lost Reality have supported on stage, among others, Clan of Xymox, Richie Kotzen (who was previously in chart topping Rock bands Poison and Mr Big) and Litfiba.

The band’s last album ‘Fleeting Awareness’, came out to critical acclaim in 2014.

They played a number of concerts to promote the new album including two headline shows at the prestigiousO2 Academy and at 93 Feet East and at a showcase set at Scala. Lost Reality now release their debut single “Stone” 17th July from their forthcoming EP “Pearls before swine”.

The EP includes four original tracks and a cover of Depeche Mode’s Black Celebration.


Lost Reality – Pearls before swine (EP – 2017)


We started getting into music when we were about 16, each of us with a different path. It was holding a friends guitar for the first time, or watching a videoclip on the tv, or just being randomly in the right place at the right time.


Like all boys at that age we were dreaming, we felt like we were meant to do something different.


Like all dreamers, things have never been easy, especially because the place we lived in was the typical southern Italian close-minded province, the kind of place that makes you age faster and that

doesn’t like dreams.


It’s a paradoxical place that either holds you in a corner of regrets, or that it make you strong enough so you can spread around your desire for change.


Growing together we fed our desire for freedom, we called ourselves lost reality, because we wanted to escape that reality that wasn’t ours. So exploring new sound ideas, picking conventional and unconventional music paths, starting brotherly friendships, meeting unbelievable people, and going to places we could only dream of, we built something important.


Two decades have passed and from that feeling of belonging somewhere else that made us dreaming listeners we understood we could be the composers of the soundtrack of our lives.

That is it, Pearls before swine is our EP made of new songs, sincerity, no frills, and with screams of passion.



Pearls Before Swine (EP – 2017) – TRACK LIST:

1 Stone

2 Pearls before swine

3 The grinder

4 Time room

5 Black Celebration (DM cover) *




Pearls before swine EP (2017)
Fleeting awareness (2014)
Roboid 371304 (2012)
What Remains (2008)
Nothing I am (promo 2002)


Band members:


Garmo: vocals, keyboard, programming

Dom: synthesizer, guitar, bass

Kaos K: bass, guitars


* “Black Celebration (Lost Reality Version)” is a version of ìBlack Celebrationî (Gore).  Published by EMI Music Publishing Ltd.  Used by permission.  All rights reserved.