SoCal garage pop trio Lunar Hand recently premiered their debut single on The Wild Honey Pie who noted the band is “just out of high school but boast some killer chops with distinctive 1950’s vintage pop flair…The sound is huge and the cryptic lyrics are whip-smart, sung in an aching baritone that belies their age.”

This is the first tease from their forthcoming debut EP, Magic Hour, which was produced entirely by band spearhead, Junior Reed, and his father.

SoCal garage psych trio Lunar Hand exhibit a musical maturity that belies their young age, exhibiting the same kind of smart and streamlined chops that pulled other high school bands like Arctic Monkeys from the depths of obscurity to international awareness.

Band spearhead Junior Reed began writing original songs at age 15, an endeavor which synchronistically coincided with his father’s first foray into recording music. “He had just set up some recording gear so it was good timing” Junior asserts, referring to his dad’s Northern San Diego-based studio. “I’d give him material and he was eager to record and experiment with it.” Around the same time Junior and his father began hashing things out in the lab, the young songwriter found kindred musical spirits in bassist Derulo Boulet and drummer Christian Ruth, whom he connected with in his high school jazz band. They quickly formed the rock trio Voltage Control and began playing out, exciting the local scene with their streamlined blend of amped up rock with vintage pop appeal.

After extensively touring the West Coast, the band returned to the studio to officially record their debut. Things had shifted, influences had expanded, and while they remained a tight musical unit with a cohesive vision, Junior felt a new name was in order – one that properly represented the sound they had carved out on the road and reflected the more melodic psych elements they had touched on. Now operating under the banner of Lunar Hand, the trio is gearing up to release their new EP, Magic Hour, is due out September 15th on Desert Coast Records.

Listen to Smoke and Chandeliers below via Soundcloud: