Mr Phormula is one of the pioneers of the UK beat-boxing scene. With a career as diverse as the Welsh landscape within which he is rooted Mr Phormula’s inspired performances and vocal compositions have gained him international recognition as a leading beatboxer, rapper and producer.

The fluidity of Mr Phormula’s bilingualism is distinctive and this, along with slick rhythms, compelling bass lines and vocal dexterity, have earned him a broad and committed fanbase from across Cymru, the UK and the USA. Titles include being the current Welsh Looping champion and in 2013 he was the Vice UK Looping Champion.

Collaborations with hip hop greats including The Pharcyde, Jungle Brothers, Boy better Know, Plan B, Professor Green and legend Krs-One also highlight the quality and range of Mr Phormula’s music production talents which compliment the poetic nature of his bilingualism.

Mr Phormula has a reputation for being one of the hardest working artists on the UK hip-hop scene and has performed at a variety of venues, nightclubs and festivals (including one of the most iconic stages in the world – The Royal Albert Hall) as well as making numerous national TV and radio appearances. This artist’s innovative new releases continue to grow the Welsh hip-hop scene at home while promoting this dynamic bilingual genre abroad.

“Cwestiynau” (Questions) is taken from Mr Phormula aka Ed Holden’s brand new album “Llais” (Voice) which will be released June 22nd.

The whole idea behind “Llais” is to create every song, sound and rhythm using only the voice and effects, using no external instruments or samples.

The single “Cwestiynau” focuses on a lot of life events that have effected and inspired Ed as an artist. He feel’s that it’s important to voice these events through music, as it often feels therapeutic. At the time of writing this track Ed was going through a lot of different events in his life that he hadn’t experienced before, he tried to capture these emotions and translate them musically. The result is a dramatic, electronic hip-hop type affair focusing on rapping and singing.

Writing “Llais” has been an incredible journey for Ed, often finding himself acting as a sampler and imitating old songs vocally, then recording and building layers into a full song. I never thought I could sing but gave it a go on a few songs and realised I was at least able to hold a note, so he concentrated on these and developed his singing skills also. Without “Llais” he doesn’t think he would have tried these new techniques.

I think “Cwestiynnau” is a great representation of “Llais” and feel’s it captures many elements from other songs from the album and combines them all into one song that really represents Mr Phormula as a human being.

Single contains both a Welsh and English versions and is available as a digital download on the 5th June. 

New album ‘Llais’ is released on the 22nd June.


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