The good vibes that you can instantly feel throughout your entire vibe with the addictive grooves, the positive energy, and them beautiful melodies.

‘4 a.m. Again’ will be available on May 26th

J & The Rest is the result of a series of happy musical coincidences. Frontman Jamal was raised in a musical family, but had never fully considered a career as a vocalist. While he studied music tech at Leeds Met, he left the course feeling that the path was not what he expected. However, his friend invited in to the studio one day to jam, where he met their uni mates John and Louis. The three clicked musically, with their friend from the live circuit Ricky joining them on drums, J & The Rest were born.

Having performed with everyone from Tinie Tempah to Robin Thicke, J & The Rest have firmly established themselves as one of the most distinctive breaking bands on the live circuit. Armed with a sound that is as authentically vintage as it is creatively forward-thinking, they blend their love of R’n’B, soul and pop to create jams that will move your heart and mind.

As they build towards the release of their heavily anticipated debut EP, ‘4 a.m. Again’, they tease the release with the slick electro-R’n’B vibes of the title track. With Jamal’s soulful vocal showing echoes of D’Angelo and Maxwell married against a hynoptic blend of grooves, it is a flawless and addictive introduction to the UK’s next big thing.