Earlier this morning 19-year-old synth savant Eli Raybon released his new wave-inspired single “30 Cents”, complemented by a clever video treatment ~ a retro spy thriller that unfolds in reverse, somehow hitting all the right musical cues.

The music video premiered on Noisey who noted “Raybon’s love of synths is loud and clear on his latest single…a track inspired by an early morning trip to his favorite pizza place, germophobia, and the search for a sense of belonging.”

Watch the video for ’30 Cents’ below:

More about Eli Raybon:

19 year-old Eli Raybon grew up in southern towns of Mississippi, Louisiana, and North Carolina, where he felt the unrelenting weight of social conformity. While all his friends accepted the cycle of college, job, spouse and kids, Eli voraciously traced his love for new bands like Phoenix and The Killers back to The Smiths, and he found a wellspring of inspiration. His father is a musician, and his dad’s cousin, Marty Raybon, had many chart hits with his band Shenandoah, so it wasn’t surprising when Eli showed himself to be an adept guitar player at a young age.

By 16, he was seriously writing songs, and by 17, he had delved deeply into music recording and production. A year later, with more than 100 live gigs under his belt, Eli released his first album, The Machine & My Dilemma, which dealt directly with his urge to break free from the domestic pressure of Small Town USA. But the aspiring songwriter still felt an obligation to education, and was on the fast track to a computer science / mathematics double-major at a New York university, before he doubled down on his musical aspirations and left town for Los Angeles.

Eli drove alone across the country to LA in September of 2016, found a place to share with a few friends, and began a habit of staying up late while experimenting with his gear. Between all-night recordings, noise complaints, and threats of eviction, Eli found that he had the peculiar experience of remembering the minute details of his dreams. Naturally, these vivid recollections found their way into his new material, and the first single to emerge, “Unsymmetrical”, was an extreme stylistic departure from his previous work. A direct result of his compulsive music-making agenda, the raucous track features fuzzed out riffs and vocals with post-punk and new-wave undertones.

“Unsymmetrical” and several other unfinished recordings will be released on a new EP entitled Green, due out January 27th. It’s the color the songwriter associates with “feeling particularly creative or crafty” but also serves as a self-deprecating tag on his fresh-faced experience, coming to LA and being ‘green’ to the music industry. “It’s difficult to be brave enough to chase after what you really want,” Eli reflects. “Moving to LA marked my triumph over the fear and hesitation of pursuing my dreams.”

The single was released today & is available to purchase via iTunes HERE

“Unsymmetrical” is off the his forthcoming LP, Green, due out this April.