He was lead singer and songwriter in ‘80s UK Proggers iQ and is now back with a more mainstream single.  Produced by the legendary producer, Gav Monaghan (Robert Plant, The Sherlocks, The Twang,) it is another toe-tapping catchy song with a driving Africanesque back beat overlaid with Menel’s trademark poignant lyrics and vocal delivery.

Paul Menel – ‘Hey, Did You Hear About Paul? ‘

Born in Yorkshire, in the summer of 1963, and now living in Worcester Paul combines Yorkshire wit with an earthiness that has taken root in the West Midlands soil.

With something of an outsider’s view on the world, combined with a poetic soul, Paul is an English singer-songwriter of the classic tradition.  As a mature artist he understands the emotional journey we all experience in life – the ups and downs of our relationships, the challenges of life and love: its highs and its lows.  He understands women – from a man’s point of view – and is able to almost intuitively sense the sadness within them, that has led many of his own generation and younger to be nursing broken hearts.

His latest crop of songs (to be released on Valentine’s Day 2017) further demonstrates that understanding and his own emotional intelligence and depth. He offers ‘spare parts’ to help mend those broken hearts – male and female, along with the wit, wisdom and strength to help us find our own healing solutions.

Paul’s own emotional journey has not always been a smooth one and he draws on that to good effect to fuel his song writing. ‘Hey, Did You Hear About Paul?’ demonstrates that he is not afraid to confront emotional demons. The lyrics are full of citrus zest. It is a song about a casualty of romance caught between reverie and responsibility, with more questions than answers, seeking solace in solitude but feeling redundant with the comforts of family life.

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A singer-songwriter in the Sting, Peter Gabriel, Joe Jackson mode – he writes ‘catchy’ accessible melodies and crafts rich sonic tapestries with each song, always seeking a different sound – an approach reflecting the different emotions of each song. This is perhaps to be expected given his roots in British ‘progressive rock’ (he was lead singer and songwriter in ‘80s UK Proggers iQ.) But these days Paul prefers short punchy ballads which pack a punch more than extended prog extravaganzas.

He draws on a rich and varied sonic palette and in this is ably supported by his band, The Essentials and renowned music producer, Gavin Monaghan (The Sherlocks, The Twang, Robert Plant.)

Paul’s time has come; a musician in touch with the zeitgeist but with a musical sensitivity that points to a new direction and with a depth of talent, experience and maturity that will guarantee him a long career ahead.