Whisperin and Hollerin said of Rivita’s debut “It’s far from a disposable bit of dance-pop: it’s intriguing and fresh and doesn’t sound quite like anything else around.”

Her 2016 singles were selected in for in store plays at major retailers in Australia, whilst the video secured an exclusive with Music Muso. In radio land the single gained support from almost 20 stations across the UK and peaked the interest of a UK publisher. 2017 shows no sign of letting up after Rivita picked up the Indian Music Video Award for the “Listen” music video and has been nominated at several other film festivals such as the World Music and Independent Film Festival, Canadian Diversity Film Festival, TMC London Film Festival, Garden City Film Festival and many more.

Rivita is an Electro fusion music producer, singer/songwriter, composer and film maker. She is often referred to as a “DIY” artist, someone who composes, performs and also fulfills the technical duties such as mixing, mastering and distribution. Ever since Rivita was a little girl, she has been fascinated by music. At the tender age of 5 she became a part of her school’s choir and performed regularly various events and functions. As a teenager, Rivita picked up the guitar and there was no looking back. Her love for music brought her to London where she was offered a place to study at the prestigious British and Irish Institute of Modern Music. Here she thrived as a musician and eventually went onto study a Master’s degree at the prestigious Kingston University, London. Recently Rivita has been offered a scholarship to study at another prestigious institution – The S.I. Newhouse school of Public Communication in New York.

Rivita has been actively involved in Ethnic music and has performed with Brazilian percussion group BLOCO LCM and Paraiso School of Samba at events such as Notting Hill Carnival 2015 and Pride London 2015. Her enthusiasm for World Music and percussion adds a unique streak to her music. Listeners often hear hints of her Eastern roots in her music. Rivita’s music often showcases a clever use of vocal samples mixed in with a twist of interesting effects. While she is not engrossed in her personal project, she also collaborates with international artists and was recently commissioned by Live Blue Entertainment to produce music for their artist – Steady Rockin’.

Her songwriting skills have won her the semi-finalist position in the UK Songwriting Contest 2014 for her song Fly Away and a commendation for her song “Heartbeat” in 2015. Beware of Rivita’s catchy hooks while listening to her music, they might get stuck in your head and stay there forever!

Watch the new video to Rivita’s single ‘While The Love Is Gone‘ below: