Sara Sangfelt has released her second five track EP ”Cool My Soul”. A new music video is already made, to match the very sensual lyrics of her first track ”I want you”. ”The video will be released with the EP but will probably be censored here and there because of all naked scenes”, says Sara and laughs.

Sara Sangfelt - Cool My Soul

Sara is a young and talented artist from Stockholm. Her music a mixture between indie-pop and epic rock – topped by her unique, deep and expressive voice. Her musical influences can be found among artists such as Elle King, Amy Winehouse and Lana Del Rey.

Recently, July 2017, Sara participated at the ”White Nights Festival” in St. Petersburg, Russia – a major international music competition broadcasted on Russian television with over a 100 million viewers. Performing with her first track on her newly released EP, ”I want you”, she was voted to second place, and then taking Sweden to a 5th place in the whole competition. Sara was also seen in several clips from the happening and in interviews on Russian television. Among the guest performers was international stars such as Jason Derulo, Busta Rhymes, The New Power Generation, Scorpions – which she had the great privilege to perform with on TV. But it was not just fun experiences in front of the camera”, says Sara. Jamming with some of the members of Prince’s old band The New Power Generation at the hotel was a memory of life.

On August 9, 2017, she guested a big radio station in the Netherlands, Radio 5 Hilversum. She did an interview and performed live with her new song ”I want you”, with the promise that the song will be played frequently on the station.

Already in 2013 Sara Sangfelt became a familiar face in Sweden, when she was handpicked by tv station TV4 and the Swedish Idol. She made it all the way to the end of the finals. But her great interest in music started long before that, in her early childhood years in San Diego, USA.

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Today Sara is 22 years old and the music is all she lives for. For Sara, it is very important to believe in what she sings and to touch others with her lyrics and voice. A large part of her commitment also goes to help people in need, especially vulnerable children in developing countries. She has worked as a volunteer in Ethiopia several times. There, she traveled between orphanages and schools and sang.

Sara is also a frequent live performer, who plays both unplugged and together with her band. She has also found time to write and record songs for an album to be released next year.

Sara’s music often has vivid lyrics, taken from events of her life. The songs is written together with songwriters from Sweden and the US. Also, already she has received great attention by numerous important music profils in the US – all predicting her a brilliant future. 2016 she was in Los Angeles where she did several gigs for major TV stations and film companies. An agreement is signed with the L.A. based company ”Media Horse”, which is a so-called Sync company that place songs in commercials, movies and TV shows in the United States. In Sweden, she is distributed by Warner Music.

Watch the Official Video for I Want You below: