Argentinian singer-songwriter Ale Torriggino delivers his second full-length album, “Blue Light” on June 19. Enlisting local and international musicians, Blue Light is truly a collaborative effort that will take listeners through themes of joy, hope, war, and the power of music.

Ale began the writing process back in September 2016, while painting his room white, and wrote the material in ten days. “It was an enlighting experience”, Ale recalls. “With each day my room got brighter, my head got clearer and it sure shows on the songs.”

Torriggino called on the help of indie producer Gonzalo Esteybar (Once Guitars) as well as artists Marcos Benítez (Rascacielos), Angie Pire, Enya Lim (Nyali) and Natalia Nardiello.

The theme of hope is evident on tracks like “Grey Sky Blues” and “The Color Life”, while songs like  “Catherine” and “Shelter” proclaims that joy in life that one can only reach after a long period of darkness. “There’s a certain place in your life where you need to find these things, and I was ready to get started.”

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Musically, this new effort features a predominant bluesy guitar and rocking vocals from Torriggino, widening his range while paying homage to his long-time influences.

As Ale sings on the album’s opening track, “The Healer”, he eloquently states the subtle theme that “music” is our power, hope and ultimate salvation.

Blue Light will be available via iTunes and other select digital music outlets. Digital copies can be purchased on Ale’s website. For more information, visit:

Listen to ‘The Healer‘ below:

About Ale Torriggino

Ale self-released his debut album entitled “SURESTE” in 2016, also via River Flow Records. The album was produced and mixed by producer Gonzalo Esteybar (Once Guitars). “SURESTE” (“Southeast”) gained positives reviews from music blogs worldwide, like, who called it “an album fraught with heartache and reflection”.

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