Terje Rypdal is recognised as a pioneer of his own signature jazz guitar style and he has been name checked by artists such as Jeff BeckDavid TornBill FrisellAndy SummersNels Cline and many more for his influential work. Round 2 Records are proud to announce a reissue of his debut album as a solo artist ‘Bleak House’ due out 29th September 2017 as well as a limited edition purple vinyl release available for pre-order here.


Recorded over three sessions in 1968, Bleak House marks Terje Rypdal’s first step into jazz from his psychedelic roots and combines introspective, wintry impressionism with his interest in unusual textures and elements. To begin experimenting as a solo artist he delved between the parallel galaxies of contemporary composition, modern jazz and progressive rock. With a go-ahead from Polydor, Rypdal set up in the studio with later ECM label mate, Jan Garbarek, Knut Riisnæs, Jon Christensen and Christian Reim (The Dream) to record.

It is an album that influenced a generation of innovative Norwegian artists and his work since continues to inspire artists internationally to this day. At 70 years old this August, he has now become one of the most recognisable instrumentalists in European jazz, with releases showering the prestigious ECM label.

Round 2 proudly presents this landmark Norwegian classic, remastered from the original tapes and with liner notes written by Rob Young (Former editor of The Wire and author of Electric Eden).



Track listing: 
Side A
Dead Man’s Tale (7:03)
Wes (4:15)
Winter Serenade (6:04)
a. Falling Snow
b. Snow Storm
c. Melting Snow

Side B
Bleak House (7:05)
Sonority (5:21)
A Feeling Of Harmony (2:29)