Having spent the majority of 2017 re-branding themselves and developing a completely new sound, The Paper Clique now return to deliver their first single of 2018, ‘Count Around The Clock‘. With this new release, the ‘Clique’ aim to show just how much they’ve grown as artists and as a group over the past year.

The trio who hail from Timmins, Ontario consists of brothers J Kord, Sire & their childhood friend Ruben Ocean. Typically known for their high energy and upbeat party anthems, the trio’s newest single interestingly is sonically more down tempo than anything they’ve previously released and showcases a huge emphasis on melody. “‘Count Around The Clock’ gives you a completely different side of The Paper Clique and shows how we continue to evolve pushing things forward while experimenting,” said J Kord.

The track also highlights their creative approach to sharing verses, something very unique in a genre like hip hop. On ‘Count Around The Clock’ they utilize this approach to show a slightly more thoughtful and even vulnerable side to their artistry. Sire reflects on friends he’s lost along the way, while Ruben makes a pledge to utilize his career in music to create a better life for his mother, “I promise I’m working harder, I need a mansion for my momma”.

2018 will be a big year for the ‘Clique’, following the release of ‘Count Around the Clock’ they will to continue to split time between their hometown Timmins and Kitchener/Waterloo where they’ve been honing their skills working with the AMAG Collective.

Listen to Count Around The Clock below: