Toadies have premiered their next single over at Louwire. The track entitled ‘Mama Take Me Home‘ is from their forthcoming seventh studio album The Lower Side Of Uptown (September 8th Kirtland Records.)

Toadies will be hosting their Dia De Los Toadies Festival September 16th. The 10th installation of the fest will bring the band back to Possum Kingdom Lake at Possum Hollow in Texas. The bands participating this year are:

Local H
Riverboat Gamblers
The O’s
Oil Boom
Quiet Company
Ting Tang Tina

Doors at 3pm. $46 General Admission
$150 VIP Admission – includes a meet & greet with the Toadies, VIP parking at the venue and access to the air conditioned, full service Possum Hollow Bar & Grill with a patio view of both stages.

More info:

“We are so excited to finally return to Possum Kingdom for this year’s very special 10th annual Dia de los Toadies festival. Our team has been working hard on this celebration for a long time! We wanted to make something really cool this year, so we have created a lineup made solely of past Dia festival performers, with one very special exception – Ting Tang Tina who is fronted by none other than Vaden Lewis’ own daughter, whose voice will surely blow you away. We will be touring with Local H this year so we are pleased to they will be joining us. If you missed them at Dia 8 or haven’t seen them before, they will surely melt your face. Each and every one of these bands put on a great show. Can’t wait to see you all there!”‘

The Toadies - The Lower Side of Uptown

The Lower Side Of Uptown is a ‘return to form’ as explained by frontman Vaden Todd Lewis: “This album is ‘roots Toadies”, full of riffs and time shifts.’ The Lower Side Of Uptown is the follow up to 2015’s Heretics which saw the band taking a change of pace with a stripped down sound and mostly acoustic. When they were preparing to enter the studio this time around there was no set idea for what was to come but, the process ultimately had the band going back to their signature sound: “I feel that subconsciously we thought that this record would have ended up incorporating some of that quieter sound, but that didn’t happen. When we got to the studio with nothing more than a pile of riffs, what came out of the band was really loud and heavy music. So not only is this album louder than Heretics, I think it’s louder and heavier than the last couple Toadies albums” guitarist Clark Vogeler said of the sessions, which were recorded Arlyn Studio, a favorite of the legendary Willie Nelson, and The Bubble in Austin.

Since reuniting in 2008, after disbanding in 2001 Toadies have released 4 albums, played hundreds of shows and festivals, released 4 signature craft beers, and have been featured in an X-Men comic.In May they partnered with the Texas Rangers to release their own version of ‘Take Me To The Ballgame.’ This year, the band continues that busy streak with The Lower Side Of Uptown showcased on a cross-country tour over two months along with Chicago’s Local H. on the bill. The band are stoked to tour with an act they got to know at their own Dia De Los Toadies festival says drummer Mark ‘Rez’ Reznicek: “We’re super excited to be going on tour with Local H, a band we’ve long been fans of. We’ve wanted to tour with them for years, and it’s finally happening!”

Have a listen to Mama Take Me Home below: